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How do I send a review invite?
Written by Jeeve Solutions
Updated 10 months ago
Sending a review invite

Jeeve users with access to the Morning Huddle - Front Desk Reminders page have the ability to send review requests to patients.

Each patient will appear in your Morning Huddle with a "Send" button in the "Send Review" column.

After clicking this button, you will see a popup that contains the patients phone number and a message preview.

You can select a review message template or edit the message directly here. Once complete, select "Send" to send the review invite.

Depending on the status of the invite, you will see one of the following icons:
You have not sent the invite yet
Invite Delivered Successfully
Invite Sending (wait up to 60 seconds)
Invite Sent, awaiting delivery confirmation
You have sent a review invite to this patient previously
Invite Failed to send

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