What codes do I need to add to my PMS?

Which custom codes are needed in my PMS software
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Some things simply cannot be tracked with your PMS.

To work around this, we recommend that you create the following treatment item codes in your system - for use with Complaints, Follow-ups and Referrals.

To add these, go to Location Setup --> Items tab --> choose a category (we suggest miscellaneous) and add the new code as a procedure.

* Codes marked with an asterisk should be created as "Non-Treatment" codes. This is done by selecting the "Non-Treatment" checkbox in the "Other Details" section. A screenshot of this is shown below the table.

Code Description
COMP         * Patient Complaint
TICK            * Follow-up for a patient who didn't book on the day (tickle diary)
TICK7          * Follow-up 7 days later 
TICK14        * Follow-up 14 days later
TICK28        * Follow-up 28 days later
OMFSI Internal referral for oral surgery
PROSI Internal referral for prosthodontist treatment
ENDOI Internal referral for endodontic treatment
PAEDI Internal referral for paediatric treatment
PERIOI Internal referral for periodontal treatment
ORTHOI Internal referral for orthodontic treatment
IMPI Internal referral for implant consultation
OMFSE External referral for oral surgery
PROSE External referral for prosthodontist treatment
ENDOE External referral for endodontic treatment
PAEDE External referral for paediatric treatment
PERIOE External referral for periodontal treatment
ORTHOE External referral for orthodontic treatment
IMPE External referral for implant consultation
SLEEP External referral for sleep apnoea treatment
OMED External referral for oral medicine
FTA Failed to Attend (optional)
UTA Unable to Attend (optional)

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