Treatment Plan Completion Rate

How is Treatment Plan Completion Rate calculated?
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Treatment Plan Completion Rate

The completion rate of treatment plans shows the percentage of items completed for plans created within the selected date range.

It is measured per plan - then an average of this is taken to give the overall completion rate.


John Smith has 3 treatment plans created in the selected date range:

Plan 1: 3 of 3 items completed (100% complete)
Plan 2: 7 of 10 items completed (70% complete)
Plan 3: 2 of 8 items completed (25% complete)

John's overall completion rate is 65% (100% + 70% + 25% / 3 plans)

Note: All treatment plans are allocated to the provider who is the owner of the treatment plan. If another provider completes the treatment on this plan, it still counts as a completed item.

It also does not matter when the treatments are completed. The date range is filtering treatment plans based on the date they were created - but the treatments can be done on any date after that. 

Each bar on the chart represents a single provider. Hovering over each bar will display the provider name and completion rate rounded to the nearest percent.

Clinic totals are shown in the text beneath these charts, with amounts shown for:

1) Average Completion of plans created in selected date range (eg. This Month)
2) Average Completion of plans created in previous date range (eg. Last Month)
3) The Completion Rate Goal for the period (optional - if configured in Settings)

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