Conversion Predictor Ratio

What are the conversion predictors?
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Conversion Predictor Ratio

This metric highlights conversion rates for certain key procedures and highlights areas for improvement. 

Indirect to Large Direct Fillings

This shows a ratio of the number of indirect restorations performed (553, 554, 555, 613, 615, 618) vs the number of large direct restorations performed (534, 535).

RCT to Extraction

This shows a ratio of the number of root canals completed (417) vs the number of extractions performed (311, 314, 323, 324).

Note: deciduous teeth and wisdom teeth are excluded.

RCT Conversion

This shows a ratio of the number of extirpations performed (419) vs completed obturations (417).

These ratios are shown as clinic totals on a stacked bar chart, with one stack per treatment type. Individual clinician ratios can be viewed by selecting a clinician in the dropdown menu.

Clinic totals are shown in the text beneath these charts, with amounts shown for:

1) Conversion Ratio for the current date range (eg. This Month)
2) Conversion Ratio for the previous date range (eg. Last Month)

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