Post Op Calls

How do the Post Op follow-ups work?
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Post Op Followups

Morning Huddle

Your post op calls are populated in your Morning Huddle daily. These followups are based on the item codes you have selected in your Jeeve settings (see How to setup your followups in Jeeve.)

Patients will be listed 2 days after their treatment (by default, this is customisable) along with the item codes they were treated for.

Your Front Desk staff should toggle each followup to "complete" after each call is made. Completed calls disappear from the list - and can be viewed by selecting the "Show Complete" checkbox at the top of the table.

Note: to cater for busy days, holidays and closed days, this list also includes any incomplete items from the previous 2 days.

Monthly Followups

A full list of all historic followups is retained in the "Followups" section of Jeeve, accessible from the main menu.

This section gives monthly breakdowns on all followups. Clicking on the left/right arrows next to the month will change the date range.

Completed followups can be viewed by selecting the "Show Complete" button at the top of the table.

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