Number of Ticks

How is number of TICKs calculated?
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Number of Ticks

This metric shows the total number of TICKs (follow-ups) added to your PMS in the selected time period.

TICKs are used to denote that a follow-up is required for this patient, often used to allow the patient time to make a decision on the treatment or to schedule the appointment with other commitments. 

The Jeeve follow-up system automates the follow-up process for all TICK codes entered.

The TICK code must be added to your Practice Management Software to track TICK follow-ups. To add it:

Go to Location Setup --> Items tab --> choose a category (we suggest miscellaneous) and add the new code as a procedure.

This gauge chart shows the total TICK follow-ups added to your PMS in the selected date range. (ie. The number of TICK codes created in the selected date range).

This includes all TICK codes - TICK, TICK7, TICK14 and TICK28.

Clinic totals are shown in the text beneath these charts, with amounts shown for:

1) Number of TICK follow-ups added in the selected date range (eg. This Month)
2) Number of TICK follow-ups added in the previous date range (eg. Last Month)

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