Morning Huddle - Front Desk Reminders

What is shown in the Front Desk Reminders section?
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Front Desk Reminders

Front Desk Reminders shows a breakdown of the current day's schedule for Front Desk staff.

The top section shows an overview for the day, including total number of appointments, new patients, due balances and number of unscheduled hours.

The table underneath this displays the current days schedule, highlighting several important notifications:


- Due balances (outstanding invoices)
- Overdue Recalls
- Overdue X-rays  (over 2 years since last X-rays, or no X-rays in patients history)
- Overdue OPGs  (over 5 years since last OPG and patient > 16 years, or no OPG's in patients history)
- New Patients / Birthdays
- Repeat No-Shows (patients with 3 or more FTA/UTA's)


The rebookings column will provide ongoing feedback throughout the day on which patients re-book.

A green tick indicates that the patient rebooked 'on the day'. A grey tick indicates that the patient didn't rebook on the day, but already has an appointment in the future.

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