Morning Huddle - Overview

How does the Morning Huddle work?
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Updated 2 years ago

The Jeeve Morning Huddle is designed to be data driven and provide your team with a playbook for the day.

It is populated each day with key information for your practice - showing you the key summary of the previous day, important notifications for today, and an easy to use follow-up system.

The Jeeve Morning Huddle is split up into 5 key sections. Click on the links below to learn more about each section

Dentist Performance
Dentist Schedule
Front Desk Reminders
Front Desk Followups
Daily Tasks

Morning Huddle Permissions

The Morning Huddle is customised based on the role of the logged in user.

Owner and Practice Manager users will have access to all 5 sections of the huddle and can see data for all clinicians.

Clinician users who are given their own login will have access to the first two sections (Dentist Performance and Dentist Schedule) for their own data only.

Staff users will have access to the Front Desk Reminders, Front Desk Followups and Daily Tasks sections.

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