Hourly Rate

How is Hourly Rate calculated?
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Hourly Rate

Hourly rate is calculated by taking the total amount of production and dividing it by the total number of appointment hours scheduled in that providers appointment book (ie. Appointment Duration)

Note: Any appointment marked as FTA / UTA (Failed to Attend / Unable to Attend) is excluded from the appointment hours.


John Smith has generated $1,000 worth of invoices today and has 5 hours of appointments scheduled.

John's hourly rate is $200 ($1000 / 5).

Each bar on the chart represents a single provider. Hovering over each bar will display the provider name and total amount rounded to the nearest dollar.

Clinic totals are shown in the text beneath these charts, with amounts shown for:

1) Average Hourly Rate in selected date range (eg. This Month)
2) Average Hourly Rate in previous date range (eg. Last Month)
3) The Hourly Rate Goal for the period (optional - if configured in Settings)

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