Completing a Followup

How do I complete a followup?
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After making a followup call, select the appropriate call Status from the available options:

Status Description
Booked Patient successfully booked during call
Already Booked Patient was already booked in
Didn't want to book Patient does not want to book the appointment
Ineligible Patient is not eligible for appointment
Can't be reached Patient did not answer
Can't be reached - left voicemail Patient did not answer, voicemail was left
Wants another follow-up Patient has requested another followup

Can't be reached

If you select "Can't be reached" - you will be prompted to create another followup. You can select "Next Business Day" to create another followup the next available day, or select Choose Date to specify the date of the next followup.

If you don't want to create another followup for this patient, click no.

Wants another follow-up

If you select "Wants another follow-up", you will see the following prompt.

Select the desired date for the new followup and click Save.

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