Clinician Referrals

How are clinician referrals calculated?
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Clinician Referrals

This metric shows a breakdown of the number of referrals for various types of treatment (both internal and external) 

Referrals are entered by using specific treatment item codes as outlined below.

There are separate codes for internal vs external referrals (denoted by the suffix of "I" for internal and "E" for external).


Code Description
OMFSI Internal referral for oral surgery
PROSI Internal referral for prosthodontist treatment
ENDOI Internal referral for endodontic treatment
PAEDI Internal referral for paediatric treatment
PERIOI Internal referral for periodontal treatment
ORTHOI Internal referral for orthodontic treatment
IMPI Internal referral for implant consultation


Code Description
OMFSE External referral for oral surgery
PROSE External referral for prosthodontist treatment
ENDOE External referral for endodontic treatment
PAEDE External referral for paediatric treatment
PERIOE External referral for periodontal treatment
ORTHOE External referral for orthodontic treatment
IMPE External referral for implant consultation
SLEEP External referral for sleep apnoea treatment
OMED External referral for oral medicine

These custom codes must be added to your Practice Management Software to track referrals. To add these:

Go to Location Setup --> Items tab --> choose a category (we suggest miscellaneous) and add the new code as a procedure.

Referrals are shown as a donut chart with a segment per referral type. The chart can be filtered to Internal, External or All by clicking the buttons above the chart.

Clinic totals are shown in the text beneath these charts, with amounts shown for:

1) Total number of referrals for the current date range.
2) Number of internal referrals for the current date range.
3) Number of external referrals for the current date range.

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