How do I add users to Jeeve?

Creating logins for your team
Written by Jeeve Solutions
Updated 2 years ago

You can create logins for your whole team and customise the level of access they have in Jeeve Analytics.

There are two main parts to this:

1. Configure Roles 

Permissions in Jeeve are allocated based on the users Role.

Each role has a varying level of access to Jeeve. This can be customised to suit your practice if required.

We have created some default permissions for the four Roles:

- Owner
- Practice Manager
- Clinician
- Staff

See configuring your roles for more information.

2. Invite new users

Once you have configured your roles appropriately, adding new users is a simple process that triggers an email to the user inviting them to login. 

See adding a new user for more information.

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