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Patient Follow-ups
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We know patient follow-up, whether it be for overdue recalls, patients who have failed to attend and most importantly perhaps those who haven't booked in for treatment- is the lifeblood of any practice. 

Traditionally we've had to use a combination of google or excel spreadsheets and various exporting of PMS reports to track these patient leads back into clinic doors- so many pain points! 

Our fully integrated and automated cloud platform 'Jeeve Analytics' now allows you to ditch the excel spreadsheets or manually inputted CRMs. We have automated post-op calls, overdue recalls and incomplete treatment (we refer to these as TICKs) and track those patients who have failed to attend (FTA). We break it down into daily sizeable chunks so receptionists aren't overwhelmed- they just have to get through their daily lists, and that ensures things never spiral out of control.

Just as importantly, we provide statistics on the completed follow-ups. We can look at the conversion rates at both a practice level but also each individual receptionist- amazing data to enable tailored training sessions that you can see leads to improved rebooking and acceptance rates. We are also allowing users to upload their own scripts for their receptionists to follow now, to set clinic standards based on the success rates of each call- driving up clinic success! You can now set clinic and front desk KPIs, and gain access to the results of this by having the data right at your fingertips. 

Our reception dashboards also track important metrics such as utilisation rates, FTA/UTA rates and rebooking rates. 

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